In this session, experts from different areas of the value chain discuss the opportunities and challenges in extending the reach of content to multiple platforms or territories. 

LTN help content creators maximise their revenues by distributing live and real-time video to diverse audiences across multiple geographies destinations simultaneously. 

For companies needing to deliver content to different regions and continents, G-Core shares insights into distributing vast quantities of video content globally and the importance of protecting origins from overload. 

Evergent helps build monetisation models that enable business scalability and deliver customer engagement while dealing with diverse currencies, languages and tailored go-to-market strategies for each geography to be targeted. 

Planetcast is supporting the growth of Free Ad Supported TV services through connected TV penetration with its dynamic ad insertion offering that spans 80 platforms. 

The panel discuss:

• What are the key challenges for media companies scaling their content across platforms? 

• What are the benefits of a managed services approach compared with investing in proprietary OTT infrastructure? 

• Why do video hosting providers need origin shielding? 

• How can content be allocated geographically within a single infrastructure? 

• How much do effective customer engagement and retention strategies vary from one country to another? 

• Why is FAST is growing so fast? 

• How does the cloud simplify global FAST launches? 

• How can FAST channels best handle global monetisation and syndication? 


Paolo Pescatore, Tech, Media & Telco Analyst - PP Foresight


Rick Young, SVP, Global Products - LTN

Vijay Sajja, Founder & CEO - Evergent 

Uros Djordjevic, Solutions Architect - GCore 

Venu Iyengar, COO - Planestcast