This session draws on speakers’ years of experience as well as industry research that identifies the key considerations when planning and deploying streaming services. From the specifying of streaming platforms, transcoding, middleware and STBs, user interfaces and user experience, to the importance and value of partnerships, the challenge of device fragmentation and choice of monetisation options, speakers share insight into how the linear TV and streaming markets are likely to evolve over the years ahead.

The panel discuss:

• What opportunities do partnerships bring to OTT entrants? Are there specific challenges?

• What should services and brands look for in a partnership?

• What opportunities does connected TV offer to brands?

• Is connected TV accessible for brands of all sizes? What are some of the most common barriers to entry for entering connected TV?

• How can technology help win and keep audience attention?

• How does an ambitious connected TV/Streaming product differentiate itself in a saturated market?


Hayley Bull, Director - 3vision TV 


Matthew Duhig, Co-Founder & Managing Director - FX Digital 

Matthew Wilkinson, CEO - Magine Pro 

Gary Hamer, SVP Sales & Business Development - Smartlabs