The panel discuss:

• How can OTT suppliers address this long-tail market for niche and genre content providers?

• How will OTT operators create unique experiences relevant to these niche audiences?

• How can smooth, low-latency live video be delivered to seamlessly blend live and remote audiences?

• What are the barriers and enablers for hybrid events which combine in-person and virtual participants?

• What is the role for the metaverse and how can it be introduced into the market?

• What are the business models, how can they be monetised and how will metaverse business models differ?

• In a post-pandemic world struggling with climate change, what are the opportunities to use streaming services for good?


Colin Dixon, Founder & Chief Analyst - nScreenMedia


Joe Foster, CEO - Easel TV

Gokul Ramkumar, Co-founder & Head of Business - Castr Live Streaming

Cristina Garcés, CEO - Optiva Media an EPAM Company