• WarnerMedia to open 5G Innovation facility
  • AT&T partners to deliver next-generation experiences
  • Lab aims to combine storytelling with cutting-edge tech

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WarnerMedia Innovation Lab: Leaning into Future Tech with Several Key Announcements

Source: Business Wire

The Innovation Lab, which was announced earlier this year, is expected to open its doors in Manhattan, New York early next year.

It will feature an immersive studio to showcase consumer-ready experiences with a dedicated research and development hub.

WarnerMedia Innovation Lab general manager Jesse Redniss said: “The Lab is more than a technology incubator, but also a dream factory for us to create the wonderment that fans have come to love and expect from WarnerMedia.

“Here we’ll flex the best of WarnerMedia’s creative storytelling capabilities combined with cutting edge technology from AT&T and our partners to deliver experiences that will be talked about for a lifetime.”

The Lab will enable real-time virtualised collaboration across WarnerMedia and AT&T’s offerings aiming to “revolutionise” the fan experience.

WarnerMedia Ad Sales head of advanced advertising and branded content Dan Reiss said: “Storytelling is in our company’s DNA and part of that experience is how the content is enjoyed, including advertising.

“The Lab is a critical part of our testing and learning on the new experiences in advertising that we will be rolling out to market.”

The new advertising advancements will empower marketers to learn how their messages resonate with viewers. According to the Lab it will support a new balance in the relationship between advertising, technology and content.

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5G zone: enhancing capabilities and user experience

Source: Business Wire

The innovations will include mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR) applications and 5G that aims to enhance new advertising capabilities and deliver a better user interface and user experience.

The Innovation Lab was announced by WarnerMedia chief executive John Stankey in January and was described as “a future-forward incubator that will combine emerging technologies with content from across its operating units to create new and innovative consumer experiences and businesses.”

Stankey said the goal was to accelerate innovation around its content and enable it to expand within emerging formats and platforms, by: “Creating a next-generation playground for our creative, tech and strategy executives and key business partners across HBO, Turner, Warner Bros. and Otter Media.”