Join IBC365 on-demand in this special feature where we go behind the scenes of the IBC accelerator on 5G remote production.

This breakthrough project demonstrated just how portable and flexible a private 5G ‘network in a box’ can be for live broadcast production use cases, taking it to some truly remote global locations, including Kenya, New Zealand, Southern Ireland and the highlands of Scotland.

Join below:


Purminder Gandhu, Technology Transfer and Partnerships Manager, BBC R&D

Purminder Gandhu

Purminder Gandhu

25 Years of Audio Expertise in Broadcasting and now working in broadcast technology solutions for now and the future.

Purminder joined the BBC as a trainee studio manager in the early 1990’s, progressing through to a senior studio director. A varied career, she’s provided audio expertise for 25 years across domestic and World Service BBC radio output. This has included recording, editing and mixing in live studios, operating radio trucks and building broadcast facilities on location domestically and overseas for major events like the Olympics, Royal Weddings, Radio 1 in Ibiza and the Africa Cup of Nations.

Purminder currently leads the BBC Edge Group, a pan BBC forum of live contribution and connectivity subject matter experts. The group engages with the wider broadcasting industry and manufacturers; and aims to learn and share through piloting innovation in tech and steering the workflows across the BBC. As part of the 2020 IBC 5G Remote Production accelerator, Purminder was responsible for the user case workstream which informed the successful live proof of concept. As part of the 2021 IBC accelerator- 5G and Innovation in live workflows; Purminder led on research into the potential of LEO satellites and use cases.

John Ellerton, Head of Media Futures, BT Media & Broadcast

John Ellerton 3x2

John Ellerton

John Ellerton is Head of Media Futures at BT Media and Broadcast. An alumni of Salford University in the UK, he has since gained over 17 years’ experience creating specialist network and workflow solutions for broadcasters and media companies worldwide. He now leads BT M&B’s future thinking in broadcast and media services, which includes next-generation networks and cloud-based production services as well as UHDTV. He represents BT M&B at SMPTE and is an active contributor to the work of the EBU

Robert Stewart, Professor at the University of Strathclyde

Robert Stewart 3x2

Robert Stewart

Bob Stewart is a Professor at the University of Strathclyde and leads the StrathSDR, Software Defined Radio (SDR) team. Bob also works alongside the Scotland 5G Centre, and is engaged with the centre on a number of remote and rural 5G deployment projects. Bob’s research and industry engagement work is supported and in collaboration with a number of sponsors including key industry partners Cisco, AMD/Xilinx and Mathworks. Since 2019,Bob has been a part of the University spinout, Neutral Wireless Ltd, who provide know-how and solutions for SDR based systems and provided 5G SA deployment solutions for the 2022 IBC Accelerator projects.


Mark Smith, Accelerators Co-Lead, IBC

Mark Smith

Mark Smith

Mark Smith has been at the forefront of the mobile communications revolution since the early 1990s, playing an integral role in the foundation and establishment of the GSMA, the mobile industry’s principle global association, over more than two decades. This included the acquisition and growth of the mobile sector’s flagship global event, the Mobile World Congress. As Communications and later Marketing Director, he led communications globally to support the roll-out of digital mobile networks across the world as well as their evolutionary roadmap from 2G to 5G services. He created some of the first ground-breaking international platforms for the discovery of innovative start-ups and the recognition of best-in-class technology achievement and excellence.

Mark currently has his own consultancy, MSA Ltd which is focused on the intersection and convergence of media, entertainment & technology. He devised and heads the IBC Accelerator Media Innovation Programme which brings together players from across the media and technology ecosystem. The programme has seen more than twenty collaborative, breakthrough innovation projects, focused on areas such as 5G, AI, Blockchain, VR/AR/XR, Cloud and real time animation and virtualised production delivered since 2019. Mark is a Strategic Marketing Advisor to IBC and a number of technology companies. He is also a Non-Executive Director on Ofcom’s Advisory Board for England, and a Board Member and Trustee of the Henley Festival, a music and arts festival that attracts an annual audience of 30,000.