Join IBC365 on-demand as we discuss how the world of gaming is colliding with television, creating exciting new opportunities.  Industry experts will explore the dynamic landscape of cloud gaming and will assess how much of a real opportunity this is for broadcasters and pay TV operators seeking to grab the attention of new audiences and drive interaction on their platforms.

Join below:


Christopher Turner, Director of the Mixed Reality Virtual Innovation Gaming and Esports Institute (MRVIGES), Southern University Law Center (SULC)

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Christopher Turner

Christopher champions the fusion of cutting-edge computing, law, and the metaverse. With over two decades of experience in graphic design and education, coupled with certifications in esports and law, he navigates the evolving landscape of virtual innovation gaming. He is also an esports founder and coach at Southern University, nurturing talent and guiding aspiring gamers. Known for crafting compelling and SEO-optimised content, he excels in creating engaging material and driving results. With expertise in digital marketing strategies, he is poised to make a significant impact in the ever-evolving realm of technology, law, and gaming.

Mike Echternach, Senior Commercial Product Manager TV, Deutsche Telekom Group


Mike Echternach

Mike Echternach is responsible for business value prioritisation and planning of product enhancements for DT’s global TV product portfolio, which is currently serving up to 9 million subscribers across DT’s European footprint. He is based at their headquarters in Bonn.

Prior to that he was holding multiple other positions in the group, including the team lead role in DT’s Technology and Innovation entertainment partnering team, where he dealt with relevant brands such as Apple, YouTube, Twitch & ESL FaceIt Group.  

Before joining Deutsche Telekom Group in 2017, he worked as Account Manager for Event Operations in an international event management agency managing accounts like Samsung and KIA in their sponsorship activations for events like UEFA EURO, Olympics, MWC & IFA.  

Mike has extensive knowledge in the areas of project management, business development & partnering, operations & corporate strategy building. 

Echternach holds a B.A. degree in Sports Management from Hochschule Koblenz and a M.Sc. degree of International Management from Steinbeis University Berlin. 

Blake Lewin, Product Manager for Gaming & Entertainment, Verizon


Blake Lewin

Blake Lewin has over three decades of expertise in the gaming and television industry. He was an early pioneer in interactive TV and digital video game distribution at Warner Bros and Turner Broadcasting. He has a passion for the intersection of interactive entertainment and digital distribution. 

As Vice President of New Products,Turner Broadcasting, Blake was the creator of GameTap, one of the first broadband subscription gaming services. As President of TransGaming Digital Home, he introduced GameTree TV, an innovative game service for Intel based connected TV set-top boxes. Today, at Verizon, he continues to drive innovation using the power of Verizon 5G network to develop next generation video game, spatial and entertainment products. 

Jorvik Zhang, Game Tech/Cloud BD Director, Tencent

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Jorvik Zhang

Jorvik Zhang has extensive experience in the gaming and tech industry, with a career spanning over 12 years.

Jorvik has held key roles at notable companies such as Vodafone and Huawei Technologies, where he managed business development and IT consulting projects. His expertise includes empowering European customers with Tencent Cloud, AI, and Big Data solutions, as well as leading IT service management initiatives.

At Tencent Cloud Europe, Jorvik leads the game cloud/ tech team, supporting industry partners in deploying games efficiently in various regions. Jorvik’s commitment to innovation and collaboration continues to drive success in the gaming and technology sectors. 


Keran Boyd, Research Analyst, Caretta Research

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Keran Boyd

Keran has over 10 years experience in running content programmes for B2B media houses, most recently leading the content at the IBC Show. She has global experience working with mediatech and broadcast firms, and has a strong personal interest in climate action. Keran has an LLB from the University of Cape Town and an MSc from the University of Dundee.