Join IBC365 and the ECOFLOW project champions, the recently launched IBC Accelerator, who will discuss the goals of the project, and how to determine and demonstrate opportunities for the industry to make processing, streaming and consumption of media more sustainable. 

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François Polarczyk, Sustainability Director, Accedo

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François Polarczyk

With a background in Organisational Psychology, François Polarczyk has recently focused his work on Partnerships and Sustainability, and successfully completed the Business Sustainability Management program from the University of Cambridge. 

As part of his current role at Accedo, a global video solutions provider, powering some of the world’s most impactful video-centric experiences - François is contributing to the Corporate Sustainability strategy of the company. He is also driving industry initiatives, such as the Sustainability Roundtable series, to brainstorm around experiments where Sustainability takes a central role - with the purpose to enhance the sustainability offerings of content providers and tech vendors from the OTT ecosystem. 

More recently, he has launched the Accedo’s Sustainable Marketplace, which aims to help customers and vendors to navigate the sustainability OTT landscape. Alongside Humans Not Robots, François is a project lead on the IBC ECOFLOW accelerator. 

Gijs Timmermans, Project Manager Sustainability, RTL NL

Gijs Timmermans

Gijs Timmermans

RTL is working towards a carbon neutral 2030 goal via various actions and projects. Better understanding, measuring and decreasing the footprint from our activities is crucial. As a mainstream media we also see as our influencing role in conveying the message of sustainability, 

The environmental impact of video and video streaming infrastructure are complex to understand and measure. RTL is committed to better understand this and are happy to be part of the Ecoflow project. 

Tim Davis, Principal Architect, EA, Technology, ITV plc 

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Tim Davis

Tim covers innovation across the spectrum of TV production and distribution. With 20 years of background from operations and support to design and delivery.


Keran Boyd, Research Analyst, Caretta Research

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Keran Boyd

Keran has over 10 years experience in running content programmes for B2B media houses, most recently leading the content at the IBC Show. She has global experience working with mediatech and broadcast firms, and has a strong personal interest in climate action. Keran has an LLB from the University of Cape Town and an MSc from the University of Dundee.