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Tomasz Twickenham

Tom Witkowski

Tom Witkowski, Director of Tech & Engineering, Twickenham Film Studios

With over 12 years’ experience in the global film and TV industry, Witkowski has spent time at Dolby Labs, Eclair, Ymagis Group, Sundog Media Toolkit and Arttech Cinema, among others. He has previously been responsible for heading up technology teams dealing with content for Hollywood studios, independent filmmakers and advertising projects. Witkowski brings years of experience evolving and redeveloping production and post workflows and processes.

As the newly appointed TFS director of technology and engineering, he will be responsible for transforming the studios’ technology pipelines, workflow and network infrastructure and evolving their future technology strategy and offering.

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Darren Hendler

Darren Hendler, Director of Digital Human Group, Digital Domain

Darren Hendler has a brilliant technical mind and has been a part of Digital Domain for nearly 20 years. He oversees Digital Domain’s Digital Human Group as director. His projects often make the Awards circuit, a testament of his groundbreaking use of technologies that have created beloved digital characters.

While he focuses on digital humans, photo-real creatures and holograms, Darren has been leading the charge on new research and innovations that have applications beyond film, including immersive entertainment. 

Roy C. Anthony

Roy C. Anthony

Roy C. Anthony, Global Head of Research, DNEG

As Global Head of Research at DNEG, Roy C. Anthony is at the forefront of emerging technologies in the visual effects space. He is currently working to enhance the artist experience and shape the future of the VFX and animation industry with innovative applications of real-time and AI — a core objective of DNEG’s Technology vision.

Roy’s background in tech innovation spans across a number of related fields, including real-time, AI, VR, AR, projection mapping, film, interactive immersive displays and other future focused technologies. He holds patents in Stereoscopy, VR / AR display systems and calibration, and is a co-author of three academic publications on high frame-rate film.

Roy is also an active committee member as well as a former Conference Chair of SIGGRAPH and serves on the Toronto Board of Managers for the Visual Effects Society.