This whitepaper uncovers science that links streaming quality to viewers’ emotional responses and the impact on OTT business performance.


Common sense tells us that viewers expect no difference between online streaming and traditional viewing when they’re watching a movie on their big flat panel TV. However, there is little empirical data exploring this.

Existing surveys only ask viewers, “How much do you hate re-buffering?” and only measure what people say, not how they behave. Moreover, they make no connection between viewer experience, brand and business model.

Akamai set out to measure that behavior and those relationships.

In conjunction with biometric research firm Sensum, Akamai measured the reactions of more than 1,000 people as they watched a video encoded in higher and lower resolution using tools like galvanic skin response monitors and facial coding software.

And the science proves that the quality of streaming experience impacts a viewer’s perception and therefore the success of the associated business model.