This paper examines the transformative potential of 5G Broadcast (5GB) technology, a novel platform for delivering content directly to smartphones, customer premises equipment (CPE), or any other smart devices equipped with a 5G modem chip (5GB enabled). Unlike traditional cellular services, 5G Broadcast operates independently, without the need for an eSIM/SIM card, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or satellite connections.

The purpose of this paper is to facilitate a clear understanding of 5G Broadcast technology and explore its tangible benefits. It provides an overview of the technology, its applications, and its potential to revolutionize content delivery. Additionally, it introduces the 5G Broadcast Collective, a non-profit association established by XGN. Since broadcast is a one-way communication standard utilizing phones/devices set to ‘receive-only’ mode, unlike traditional internet downloads (unicast), 5G Broadcast utilizes a one-to-many approach, like TV and radio broadcasts ensuring efficient content delivery, freeing up valuable network resources and paving the way for exciting applications.

The paper highlights the technical underpinnings of 5G Broadcast, including the role of FeMBMS (Further evolved Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service) and the importance of 3GPP’s standardized approach. Further it delves into the benefits 5GB offers, including:

  • Emergency alerts and critical first responder solutions
  • Data delivery services
  • Data offloading opportunities for cellular carriers
  • Support for diverse applications beyond entertainment, including location-based services.
  • Improved traditional linear programming streams (television and radio)