The Dragon TV system from Nuance is a “next-generation” voice-activated content experience that’s being demoed in hall 15 throughout IBC2019.

Dragon TV integrates technologies, such as voice biometrics, so viewers can benefit from personalised content based on their unique voice-print. For example, displaying a customer’s favourite show and only presenting what is suitable for the specific age of the viewer.


Lorentzen: “Why not make it easier for these devices to answer questions?”

Thanks to their unique voice-prints viewers can authenticate without lengthy passwords, upgrade accounts, add or remove specific TV packages and deploy other transaction-based interactions.

Intuitive navigation and questions that are answered immediately reduce the effort for consumers, which can lead to higher usage, an uplift in paid content consumption and increased loyalty. In fact, an internal analysis across all Dragon TV engagements showed that 31% of all voice transactions can be monetized.

Tony Lorentzen, SVP intelligent engagement at Nuance, explained: “The TV has long been the hub of the family household. From relaxing over a box set to catching the latest sporting event, we spend a great deal of time together in front of our TVs. So why not make it easier for these devices to answer questions and resolve issues for customers right there?”

Dragon TV is already used in more than 60 million households and recently won a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award in the ‘Contextual Voice Navigation for Discovering and Interacting with TCV Content’ category.

Nuance is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 15.MS26