A new survey from Qwilt aims to shed light on the challenges and considerations of content publishers looking to plan and execute mass live streamed events.

According to Qwilt, its 2024 Live Streaming Survey – which surveyed 259 content publishers primarily across North America and Europe – identifies ongoing and new themes in mass live event delivery in 2024, from CDN capacity and performance to QoE metrics, overall event success, capacity requirements, and cost optimisation.

Live Streaming Survey 2024_Cover

Qwilt’s new survey aims to highlight the challenges and considerations of content publishers executing mass live streamed events

The company noted that streaming-only live events are quickly becoming the new normal. The survey identified takeaways such as that CDN performance and capacity continue to dominate concerns, with 29% of participants identifying CDN performance as their greatest technical concern regarding video delivery.

Alon Maor, CEO at Qwilt, noted that content publishers still face critical challenges in delivering seamless live experiences to millions of viewers.

“Our survey underscores the importance of capacity planning, load balancing, and optimising the quality of experience for content publishers looking to win big in live streaming – with CDN performance and QoE metrics remaining the top concern for live video delivery,” he said.