Minerva Networks and SDMC have completed the integration of an Android TV-based solution for pay-TV operators. 


Minerva: Android TV deployments across all network streaming types are now supported

The new solution supports Android TV deployments across all network streaming types, including multicast for operators who might be bandwidth limited. Recent deployments include E-Networks of Guyana, Comteco in Bolivia and Dhiraagu in the Maldives.

“Most operators have multiple types of networks including DSL, fibre to the home, fixed wireless, QUAM and mobile, and Minerva along with SDMC can work with all of these network types,” said Randy Osborne, SVP of worldwide sales, Minerva Networks. “This flexibility gives operators the ability to launch sooner and avoid having to deploy a new network infrastructure to support a modern TV service. It’s less complex and more efficient for operators because they can do network migration at their own speed without causing delays to the TV service rollout.”

When paired with the Minerva 10 platform, SDMC STB’s becomes part of a turnkey platform that offers a full range of television functionality, including catch-up TV, restart TV, personal video recording, recommendations and binge watching.

“We understand operators have a number of business and technical constraints they have to work with when upgrading their video offerings,” said Laurence Yan, SVP of worldwide sales, SDMC. “As first movers on multicast with Minerva on Android TV, we are excited to be working with a partner with a large subscriber base and extensive experience deploying across all types of networks.”