Minerva Networks, a leading provider of management platforms for the delivery of advanced television services, has announced the availability of Smart Highlights. 


Minerva: Smart highlights is said to boost engagement among sports fans

The new feature is said to increase engagement for sports fans by allowing them to enjoy personalised highlight reels based on length of time, individual player, or type of play.

Smart Highlights is now available to subscribers of pay-TV services powered by the company’s YourTV Now solution, a turnkey cloud service for the delivery of video entertainment including Live TV, VoD, Network DVR, catch-up and restart TV to mobile and streaming media devices as well as set-top boxes.

“Our team continues to develop disruptive technologies that give operators the ability to deliver more personalised and engaging experiences,” said Fabrizio Capobianco, chief innovation officer at Minerva. “Everyone feels pressed for time these days and with sports leagues all over the world restarting amid the Covid crisis, Smart Highlights lets viewers keep up with all the games.”

“Pay-TV providers need to provide more engaging experiences to their subscribers. Higher engagement drives satisfaction and reduces churn,” said Matt Cuson, VP of marketing for Minerva. “With Smart Highlights operators can increase both revenue and retention regardless whether they are offering ad-sponsored freemium packages, premium subscriptions or pay-per-view events.”

Minerva is also demonstrating examples of how its new highlights technology can be used for non-sports programming. In collaboration with Metaliquid, a video recognition and content intelligence company, the technology was used to create highlights from the Vice Presidential Debate in the US. The debate highlights were created using a combination of Metaliquid’s deep learning platform, which automatically analyses and tags video streams in real time, and Minerva’s technology for building personalised playlists. Together these technologies enable the creation of personalised playback experiences for any type of content.