MultTV, a consortium of 13 Brazilian ISPs, has upgraded its IPTV system with the Beenius OTT solution.


Beenius: The upgrade also utilises solutions from Verimatrix and Broadpeak

Aiming to provide the best TV experience to the entire consortium of ISPs, MultTV added the Beenius mobile apps for Android and iOS to its portfolio of products and services as well as the new Beenius Catch-Up TV feature to its STB deployment. Currently, MultTV is offering its services and products to 40+ operators.

Beenius performed the media systems integration and led MultTV’s successful deployment of Broadpeak’s BkM100 video delivery mediator, BkS350 origin packager and BkS400 video streamers. Broadpeak arms the consortium’s ISPs with a robust system for their video delivery while saving costs and enhancing the user experience. Broadpeak’s local presence in São Paulo as well as its expertise in ABR deployments and pre-integration with Beenius’ solutions provided MultTV with an agile and cost-effective service.

Beenius, which spearheaded MultTV’s 2019 deployment of the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS), also helped MultTV enhance its efficiency and security with the Verimatrix Multi-DRM solution, a scalable, multi-screen solution for premium content security and monetisation with a flexible and cost-effective SaaS model that adapts to studio-mandated security standards.

“Working together with excellent partners and listening to MultTV’s demands, we were able to deliver the best TV experience that is not restricted by time and place. It was a real pleasure working with MultTV and provide them with the upgrade of their existing IPTV system,” said Martin Zorz, vice president of sales, Americas at Beenius.

“Since its beginnings, MultTV has always carefully chosen its partners and their solutions to adapt to the business model and Brazilian market with all its unique characteristics. I firmly believe that these partnerships are the right ones for MultTV, to offer OTT solutions to its customers, with quality, customisation for each operation and scalability, with support from its partners,” said Luiz Adolfo Gewers, CTO at MultTV.

“We’re pleased to work with media systems integrators such as Beenius to continually enhance their customers’ content protection while also enabling growth,” said Asaf Ashkenazi, chief operating officer at Verimatrix. “Delivering a frictionless user experience, Verimatrix Multi-DRM enables operators to easily protect premium content on any device.”