Streaming video intelligence company Nice People at Work (NPAW) has launched a mobile application called YOUBORA that can be used by streaming service providers to maintain a constant vigilance over their platforms.

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NPAW: Mobile app allows providers to check service performance on the fly

The companion for NPAW’s video analytics product allows app users to answer questions like: ‘What is our best performing content?’; ‘Are there any technical problems affecting engagement?’; or ‘How many users do we have this month compared to last month?’

Data is gathered from connected devices on a constant basis and is designed to enable professionals to make better decisions about their content services.

According to NPAW, the app gives YOUBORA users the ability to analyse, capture and share their findings to flag issues, understand the consumption patterns of their audience, and optimise content performance at all times.

The YOUBORA mobile app was developed in collaboration with large telco operators and over-the-top providers from around the world.