Belgium’s Proximus has scaled-out its Pickx multi-screen video service using Velocix’s content delivery network (CDN) technology. 


Velocix: Proximus will more than double its HTTP streaming capacity

Driven by rapidly rising stream viewership and a growing subscriber base, Proximus will more than double its HTTP streaming capacity using Velocix’s carrier-grade CDN software.

Thierry Demoor, head of digital products and solutions platforms at Proximus, said: “Velocix’s CDN was a thoughtful choice for us, given its exceptional stream density, ultra-reliable performance at scale and field-proven ability to deliver the highest-quality viewing experience to our premium-tier Pickx customers.”

Anthony Berkeley, CEO at Velocix, said: “We are proud to extend our relationship with Proximus and support its thriving IP video business with our market-leading CDN solution. With consumer demand for streaming video on the rise around the world, it is a great time for innovative communications companies to take advantage of the latest streaming and personalisation technologies to attract new subscribers and increase video revenues.”

Serving more than 1.7 million TV customers, Proximus commands nearly 38% of the digital TV market in Belgium. The company, which has been offering IPTV services since 2005, announced the launch of its Android TV based Pickx video service in June 2019,and expanded its offering with the launch of the Pickx app on Apple TV in 2020. With its advanced personalisation capabilities, Pickx makes it easier for consumers to discover, browse and watch the content that suits their specific interests.