SmarDTV Global has unveiled its latest device - the TV-Stick - relying on DVB-CI Plus 2.0 and able to descramble live channels from tivù, the Italian satellite operator.


Gazzoni: ‘We believe that DVB-CI Plus 2.0 can provide a simple and unified enriched TV experience’

TV-Stick, integrated with NAGRA content protection and adhering to the DVB CI Plus 2.0 standard, is said to define a new direct-to-TV experience: by combining the best of OTT and broadcast content within a single interface, the TV set becomes a Digital TV Hub: no HDMI switch, no cables and no additional RCU, creating a versatile and simple hybrid solution with no more box.

Delivering a new and integrated TV experience with the TV-Stick has been achieved thanks to close co-operation with tivù, which provides tivùsat, the free Italian satellite platform.

“Together, with tivù, we believe that DVB-CI Plus 2.0 can provide a simple and unified enriched TV experience expected by any of today’s end-users. We are confident in shaping this new way of consuming TV content with the TV-Stick, and we are delighted to start with such a customer leveraging NAGRA’s content protection technology,” said Erik Gazzoni, product director at SmarDTV Global.

“We’re proud to be the first free-to-view TV operator to support a device relying on DVB-CI Plus 2.0,” added Fabrizio Lega, CTO of tivù. “This TV-Stick, even if is still a proof of concept, combines the usability of interactive services and the broadcast experience increasing the TV’s user experience always without any subscription fee for tivùsat viewers.”

TV-Stick is now ready for certification and to be deployed worldwide.