Universal Electronics (UEI) has announced that it has received five 2020 Red Dot Awards in the Product Design category.


UEI: Remotes are designed based on user insights and innovative technology

Products from UEI’s consumer brand, One For All, won four of the five awards.

The award-winning products were designed by UEI’s design team in the Netherlands, part of the global Designovation team which creates product designs based on user insights and innovative technology. Led by Rex Xu, director of design and user experience, UEI says that the team in the Netherlands works closely with its design offices in the USA and Hong Kong to ensure all products truly reflect global trends in design and technology.

“Winning five Red Dot Awards is a true honour and a testament to our design team’s exceptional talent,” said Xu. “Design is one of UEI’s key differentiators and we always create our designs with the user experience in mind. The team works under clear guiding principles of our successful Designovation formula which creates honest product designs based on true consumer insights applying the latest technology and design trends.”

UEI has also announced the Slate and Slate RX antimicrobial remote controls. Designed for multi-person use such as in hotels, they can be cleaned with common disinfectants.