The BLE voice-enabled remote from Universal Electronics has been selected to by Liberty Global for its new environmentally friendly set-top box.

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Universal Electronics: The durable and sustainable BLE remote control

The BLE remote control is powered by UEI chip technology, which enables longer battery life, with automated setup and control through UEI’s QuickSet platform, which provides a cloud-based solution for simplifying universal entertainment and smart home control.

The remote is designed to improve the customer experience by using voice recognition technology to search for content on Liberty Global’s RDK-based Horizon 4 platform which offers access to live TV, on-demand content and OTT apps.

In August 2020, Liberty Global introduced the compact 4K Mini TV Box, which is made from 35% recycled plastic and reduces energy consumption by 77% compared to its previous set-top boxes. It is the company’s first all-IP device and is powered by Liberty Global’s next-generation TV platform, Horizon 4.

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The 4K Mini TV Box is currently available for customers of Liberty’s UPC Poland, the country’s largest cable provider and will be introduced in Liberty Global’s other markets in 2021.

“We have a solid and collaborative relationship with UEI with a shared commitment to quality and sustainability,” said Pieter Vervoort, vice president, entertainment products at Liberty Global.

UEI has implemented several sustainability initiatives in its development, supply chain and manufacturing processes, including remanufacturing remote controls, using recycled materials and developing more energy-efficient products.

“We are pleased and proud to be selected for this project as it allows us to be at our best, providing an extremely easy-to-use control solution in a durable, sustainable way,” said Menno Koopmans, UEI’s senior vice president of global sales and marketing. “Building upon our long-term partnership, we are thrilled to deliver another piece of cutting-edge, voice-enabled control technology to Liberty Global.”