Varnish Software has joined the Streaming Video Alliance, a global technical association dedicated to addressing critical challenges in streaming video.


Braastad: ‘Unity across the entire streaming ecosystem is now more important than ever’

Varnish Software joins more than 80 other members – including content rights holders, network operators, OTT platforms, technology vendors and service providers – which together are working to help improve the video streaming experience on a global scale.

In joining the alliance, Varnish Software brings years of experience in the streaming sector including developing a unique approach to caching – a technology which plays a key role in improving content streaming.

Varnish Software’s experience working with global broadcast sector players and its deep technical knowledge of powering content delivery will inform its active role in the Streaming Video Alliance. By participating in technical groups and engaging in meetings, Varnish Software will help further development of content streaming technologies, drive revenue for the sector and improve the end user experience for millions of viewers.

“The alliance represents the great and the good of the broadcast industry, including both legacy companies and emerging names. It’s this mix of perspectives and technical expertise that make the work of the Alliance so important,” said Espen Braastad, VP engineering, Varnish Software.

“This year in particular has highlighted the crucial role that high-quality content streaming experiences play in the lives of us all, from enjoying entertainment to ensuring communication and togetherness of remotely-dispersed workforces,” added Braastad. “Unity across the entire streaming ecosystem is now more important than ever, and we look forward to working closely with alliance members into 2021 and beyond.”