VisualOn has unveiled WatchParty, a co-watching solution that combines video viewing and socialising in an easy-to-deploy package. 


VisualOn: WatchParty can be integrated with VisualOn Analytics

It is designed to enable streaming video providers to offer new ways for subscribers to consume and engage with content by offering a wide range of co-watching features across multiple platforms.

Standard features to enable a co-watch experience include real-time text, audio and video chat with flexible room management and private group options. Advanced features include:

echo cancellation, which resolves any noise issues when using multiple viewer speakers in real-time; precise auto synchronisation, which ensures video, audio and interactions are accurately synchronised without delays; and support for iOS, Android and HTML5 platforms for live and VoD content.

An additional advantage for service providers is that WatchParty can be integrated with VisualOn Analytics, as well as third-party analytics tools, to better understand viewer behaviour.

“We developed our WatchParty solution to respond to customer demand and are excited to be able to bring new levels of functionality to the co-watching experience,” said Yang Cai, president & CEO at VisualOn. “Furthermore, it provides another way for operators to see returns on their 5G investments by leveraging its high bandwidth throughput.”