7 - 11 Oct: Your guide to what’s happened this week in the media, entertainment and technology industry.

EU warns of 5G cybersecurity
The EU has warned about the risk of increased cyber attacks by ‘state-backed entities’, Reuters has reported.

Members of the EU came together to comment on the security risks imposed by 5G mobile networks as it becomes increasingly available and crucial to the competitiveness of the bloc.

The comments refrained from mentioning specifically China or Huawei, despite calls from the US to ban Huawei equipment amid allegations of spying. 

UK smartphone users prefer WiFi
According to a new report from UK regulator Ofcom, British mobile phone users are more likely to use WiFi than mobile data to get online.

Advanced Television reported that the research shows 69% of users spend most of their time online connected to WiFi instead of using 3G or 4G, with 4G connection being the most used of the two where available.

The research reveals insight into the mobile phone connectivity habits of users, particularly in the area of mobile data use in the run-up to 5G technology being made widely accessible across the UK.

New tax rules targeting tech giants
The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has outlined new rules under which multinational tech giants such as Google and Facebook will face a corporate tax crackdown, City AM has reported.

The FAANG companies have been accused of evading tax by booking profit in countries like Ireland, where the tax is low.

The new rules come after more than 130 countries agreed to overhaul century-old tax rules, asking the OECD to propose new regulations.

According to City AM, the new rules would ‘allow governments to levy more tax on cross-border companies relating to the income from sales in their countries’.

Twitch arrives on Apple TV
Live streaming video platform Twitch is officially made its app available on Apple TV, Engadget has reported.

The final version of the Apple TV app released on Monday, following the release of the beta version of the released last month.

With the release of the official app, users can now live-stream games and sports broadcasts away from third-party apps like Twitchy.