FreeSpeak Edge is being launched by Clear-Com at IBC2019, the latest addition to the FreeSpeak range of digital wireless intercom systems.

The company claims FreeSpeak Edge represents “the next frontier in intercom technology … offering the highest audio quality of any wireless intercom and an enhanced, fully customisable user experience.”

2 Clear-com Freespeak

FreeSpeak Edge offers 12kHz audio and ultra-low latency, says Clear-Com, and has the ability to scale up to the largest systems, supporting over 100 beltpacks and transceivers in a single system.

It utilises the 5GHz bandwidth for added flexibility and secure dedicated RF channels for demanding applications including stadiums, large broadcast facilities, and live events which take place in very reflective venues. A key new feature includes dual radios in both the beltpack and transceivers to provide transmission redundancy.

The new FreeSpeak Edge beltpack features more customisable controls and buttons with intuitive placement, a large full-colour OLED screen, speaker and mic for hands-free operation, convenient drop-in charging, and a transceiver that offers multiple mounting options with external antennas.

Clear-Com is celebrating the announcement of FreeSpeak Edge on its stand on Saturday 14 September at 16.00, where FreeSpeak Edge along with Clear-Com’s IP matrix solutions, the V-Series Iris panel, FreeSpeak II, LQ Series, Agent-IC and a wide range of Clear-Com’s other communications solutions will be available for demonstration.

Clear-Com is exhibiting at IBC2019 on Stand 10.D29