Goose is a multi-national company founded in Singapore, where our HQs are, with commercial offices around the world. We provide a One-Stop SaaS Platform to help you to monetize your Live channels + Video On Demand content, by providing your own branded video streaming application in the most efficient way. We offer all of the necessary resources with cloud-based infrastructures and 24/7 maintenance and support.

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    ISPs concerns in video-as-a-service era and how to handle it

    2022-09-10T09:49:00Sponsored by

    IPTV is still the main engine for Pay-TV business to get more users in the next 6 years. In order to have better financial performance and up-to-date technologies, more and more ISPs choose to migrate to SaaS platforms. Though the SaaS platform helps ISPs reduce the platform cost significantly, they ...