Software provider 3 Screen Solutions (3SS) and video business intelligence specialist NPAW have combined their respective technologies as part of efforts to help operators reduce churn and enhance average revenue per user.

NPAW’s analytics platform is now pre-integrated with the 3SS 3Ready product framework. The result, the partners say, is an automated, analytics-driven experience management solution featuring actionable user insights.



Ferran Gutierrez Vilaró, CEO and co-founder of NPAW, said: “We’re equipping operators with a system that flags churn risk early on and triggers mitigating actions to positively influence the user’s decision-making; real-time analytics ensures these measures are informed, personalised and attractive, so the operator has a better chance of preserving the relationship.”

3SS and NPAW first combined their technologies for Austria’s ORS in late 2021. Now the partners are offering their pre-integrated platform to the wider industry. The solution is currently being deployed by a major Latin American operator, yet to be announced.

Pierre Donath, CMO & CPO at 3SS, added: “Harvesting video intelligence really puts the analytics to work, but tracking and dashboards are not enough. If a customer is thinking about churning, the operator needs to know early on; the data to raise the warning bell needs to be automatically generated and available in real-time, it has to be informative, and rapidly understood and interpreted. The operator may have an arsenal of anti-churn business tools standing by, but unless the right one is deployed before the pivotal moment in the user’s decision-making, the retention initiatives will be ineffective.”