Axinom is introducing Axinom Mosaic, which it describes as a comprehensive platform for creating video streaming and OTT backends that provides all the building blocks for content-first applications through independent yet connected services.

The platform is designed to fulfil the needs of a hybrid approach between build and buy, enabling companies to develop, customise, and expand their infrastructure in-house. Mosaic embraces service-oriented architecture based on microservices and micro-frontends. Its technology stack consists of Node.js, React, GraphQL as well as RabbitMQ.


Axinom Mosaic aims to provide building blocks for content-first apps

Axinom claims the combined capabilities of managed and open-source services support a wide range of solutions, including video platforms, content management, protection and monetisation, and much more.

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Ralph Wagner, CEO, Axinom, said: “Axinom Mosaic is the ultimate platform that lets you create next-generation video platforms in no time. We’ve built the hard stuff so that you can build with ease. Mix and match exactly what you need, and scale as you grow.”

Features include faster development, with an agile and collaborative approach using microservices and micro-frontends. Open-source services enable customers to build their own services or shape Axinom’s services to fit their needs. It offers editorial focus, where the platform follows a micro-frontend approach that provides a standard management UX throughout all services. The platform allows rapid integration swiftly with internal or third-party systems, services, or applications through an API-first approach, while serving multiple platforms and devices.

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