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  • Eutelsat-1-AP-MAN-pix
    Daily News

    Eutelsat and Amazon Web Services deliver DVB-NIP from the sky and the cloud


    Eutelsat and Amazon Web Services (AWS) showcased the DVB-NIP (Native IP) solution at IBC2023, integrating video distribution with production and distribution workflows deployed over the AWS cloud.

  • 8. Yospace appoints new head of marketing
    Daily News

    Yospace appoints new head of marketing


    Yospace announced the appointment of Paul Davies as head of marketing. According to the company, he will be responsible for the company’s marketing activity across the globe “as the streaming market moves towards advertising-based business models at mass scale”.

  • 6. Mux integrates with New Relic
    Daily News

    Mux integrates with New Relic


    Online video infrastructure provider Mux announced an integration with observability platform New Relic.

  • 3. Ateliere and qibb partner on hybrid storage workflows
    Daily News

    Ateliere and qibb partner on hybrid storage workflows


    Cloud-native media supply chain specialist Ateliere Creative Technologies announced a partnership with media application integration specialists, qibb, to support hybrid storage workflows across the media supply chain.

  • Providing a Lens into cloud economics
    Daily News

    Providing a Lens into cloud economics


    Cloud engineering firm 7fivefive is exhibiting for the first time on the AWS stand in Hall 5, a development that Managing Director Tim Burton attributed to the cloud service provider’s strengthening sales presence in Europe.

  • Sporting chance for Mux
    Daily News

    Sporting chance for Mux


    Jon Dahl, CEO of Mux, said the company’s products have been used at “record scale over the last year”, which he attributed in large part to their adoption by large broadcasters and the fact that Mux is “seeing a lot of success in the world of sport”. 

  • Snowflake slips into gear

    Snowflake slips into gear


    Data cloud provider Snowflake is making use of its presence at IBC to increase awareness of its role in the media industry as well as discuss specifics around use cases such as the media supply chain. 

  • Western Digital unveils desktop drives for content creatives
    Daily News

    Western Digital unveils desktop drives for content creatives


    Designed for all levels of content creator, Western Digital has introduced two new desktop hard drive units from its SanDisk Professional line.  

  • GenAI is a co-pilot for innovation
    Daily News

    GenAI is a co-pilot for innovation


    Across content creation and production, Generative AI can act as a “creative co-pilot” Andy Walker, Head of Media at consultancy Accenture, told the IBC Daily. 

  • Measuring up to macro challenges
    Daily News

    Measuring up to macro challenges


    Sustainability, value sensitivity and partnerships are three topics occupying the mind of Bitmovin’s Chief Architect, Igor Oreper, as the industry grapples with the high environmental impact of video streaming as well as economic pressures.  

  • Going green in the cloud
    Daily News

    Going green in the cloud


    A key focus of IP video platform provider Zixi is helping customers achieve sustainability targets while improving their bottom line. 

  • Gaming
    Daily News

    Gaming and SoC adoption boost for LCEVC


    According to Fabio Murra, SVP of Product Marketing at V-Nova, the Low Complexity Enhancement Video Coding (LCEVC) standard continues to be adopted by the media ecosystem, although progress is perhaps slower than initially hoped.  

  • D3 EVS-Oman TV
    Daily News

    Oman TV deploys MediaCeption for multi-site content management


    Oman TV went live last week with the EVS MediaCeption Signature end-to-end live production asset management as part of a major upgrade of its studios in the capital Muscat and its facility in Salalah.

  • Proxy boost for 5G acquisition
    Daily News

    Proxy boost for 5G acquisition


    Marquis is launching a workflow for production here at IBC, helping accelerate 5G content acquisition by reducing the volume of high-resolution video needed to be transferred for editing. The company has also added LiveU, Wolftech and Ross to its list of technology partners, in addition to existing integrations with Sony ...

  • Evertz Reflektor offers on-ramp to cloud
    Daily News

    Evertz Reflektor offers on-ramp to cloud


    Reflektor, a new SaaS media transcoding and distribution platform, is helping broadcasters align their operating spend with flexible workflows in the cloud. 

    Daily News

    A sucker for remote collaboration


    Octopus Newsroom is extending its reach at IBC with a host of new features in its Octopus 12 news production system. 

  • D2. Edgio. Sally Winship Comollo.SR
    Daily News

    Edgio leads drive to reduce OTT complexity


    Content delivery specialist Edgio has joined forces with four other exhibitors in Hall 5 to tackle what they see as the industry’s most pressing need for delivering OTT video: to simplify and manage complex media workflows while reducing costs.  

  • D2 RISE Women in Broadcast. SR
    Daily News

    Companies Rise up in Hall 8


    Six companies are being recognised on the Rise – Women in Broadcasting stand having completed the Strive to Rise programme in 2023. 

  • D2 Evan Shapiro Forum Plotting Disruption 2 (1)
    Daily News

    ‘Dinosaur’ media businesses must adapt to user-centric age


    Media universe cartographer Evan Shapiro has issued a stark warning to today’s big media players, arguing that they must adapt fast in order to survive.

  • Studio Technologies launches VenueView
    Daily News

    Studio Technologies launches VenueView


    Launched live at IBC, VenueView is the latest feature for the STcontroller application.