Video streaming infrastructure provider Bitmovin launched a new live event encoder that it said addresses the industry need for high-quality live streams by optimising live to VoD workflows, ensuring live streams are available for on-demand playback immediately after the stream has ended.

The encoder also supports any cloud environment, removing the need for users to be tied into one vendor’s infrastructure to maintain video encoding workflows.

Stefan Lederer

Stefan Lederer: CEO, Bitmovin

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin, said live streaming technologies have advanced quickly in recent years.

“However, too many live streams have a sub-par image and audio quality, which is unacceptable. Our live event encoder solves this challenge by guaranteeing that developers can deliver live streams with unrivalled quality of experience. It’s fantastic to see forward-thinking companies, like OKAST, already reaping the benefits of our live event encoder and setting a new standard for live streaming,” Lederer said.

Cedric Monnier, CEO of OKAST, said the company chose Bitmovin’s live event encoder “because the Bitmovin brand is synonymous with innovation in video streaming, which now includes live”.

Monnier noted that the encoder enables creators “to build more meaningful relationships with viewers and maximise the reach of their content among new audiences”.