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    IBC2023 Accelerators: Championship Roundtable Video


    IBC2023: As part of a successful ’Kickstart’ day on the 8th of Feb, the event saw the 2022 Champion’s Roundtable - a group of previous Accelerator champions - come together to discuss both their experiences and impact of the programme, as well as what the future has in store.

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    IBC2023 Accelerators: Kickstarter Day highlights the value of collaboration


    The IBC2023 Accelerators programme has got underway in earnest, following the annual ‘Kickstart’ day on Feb 8th. The event saw a select group of industry leaders come together to hear the ‘longlist’ of pitches for inclusion in the 2023 Accelerator programme, prefaced with introductory presentations and culminating in the Awards ...

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    IBC2023: Final Days for 2023 Technical Paper Submissions


    All sectors and disciplines across the media, entertainment and technology industry are invited to submit entries for IBC’s acclaimed Technical Papers, as submissions enter the final days ahead of the IBC2023 Conference.

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    IBC2023 Accelerators preview: Where sporting innovation has no limits


    The IBC2023 Accelerators programme has begun in earnest, with initial discussions around pitch proposals from a core team of key Champions and Participants beginning in December 2022 - including representative Champions from Microsoft, Warner Bros Discovery, BBC, Sky Sports, BT Sport and DAZN. The team has been developing ideas taking ...

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    2023: What to Expect


    ”May you live in interesting times”, as the popular saying (or ancient curse, depending on your interpretation) goes, and certainly 2023 is set to be very interesting indeed. From the global financial outlook and its repercussions, to the accelerating pace of technological change, there’s plenty ahead to give food for ...


    IBC2022 at the IET: Content and broadcasting trends for 2023


    The state of play for the broadcast and media industry in 2022 and into 2023 is directed less by technological advancement, and more by momentous past and present world events, which continue to shape the industry. Indeed, the greatest paradigm shift happened during the period in which it was not ...