Next-generation IP network transport services provider Caton Technology has introduced the new CatonNet Video Platform (CVP) to customers, providing them with demonstrations of 4K transmissions between Australia and Europe.

Gerald Wong, senior vice president, told IBC: “We offer not just a high quality, high bitrate assured stream, but one which handles adversity with ease. So, for example, if there was a line cut en route from the source to the destination, the platform is smart enough to be able to reroute, ensuring the transmission continues.”

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CatonNet Video Platform

Designed to ensure reliable real-time transport of high-quality video and data under the strictest service level agreements, CVP delivers video locally, regionally and globally in an optimised manner, with significant cost savings compared to traditional network services. The low latency, high-security service is also designed for maximum flexibility, ranging from occasional usage to end-to-end networks with long-term contracts and managed SLAs up to 99.999% stream availability.

Major content creators, broadcasters and service providers in more than 60 countries worldwide are already using the platform, and two new devices – Caton Prime and Caton Live – add to the functionality and flexibility of the transmission service.

Caton - Gerald Wong - Senior VP Global Operations

Gerald Wong - Senior VP Global Operations

“It’s a full managed service platform with SLA,” added Gerald, “and an end-to-end system, which is what a lot of broadcasters still want at this stage. But we’re also offering a cloud option for those who want its flexibility. Building on interoperability with industry standards, we’re increasingly working with hardware vendors who have been wanting to connect to our platform, integrating it into their products.”

As remote production increases in popularity, especially in the light of Covid, Gerald says that it’s changed the way we see work. “NDI has been a growing standard in the production space; we’re now able to take a full bitrate NDI camera stream from one side of the world and without compressing it, send it to a producer on one side of the planet, who can control it. Integrating that into CVP provides the reassurance a producer needs that if something should happen to the line, it wouldn’t cause a break in production.”

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