Dzofilm has introduced two new lightweight full-frame zoom lenses. The Catta 35-80mm T/2.9 and 70-135mm T/2.9 cover the most widely used focal lengths and complement its existing Vespid full-frame prime lenses.

The 35-80mm weighs just 1.53kg, while the 70-135mm is under 1.6kg, partly due to the use of polycarbonate and glass fibre in the shell.


Dzofilm’s Catta 35-80mm and 70-135mm T/2.9 lenses for full-frame sensors

Each lens has a 16-blade iris, which is claimed to produce round, smooth bokeh with a natural transition of image, with a close focus distance of 74cm or 76cm for the 35-80mm and 70-135mm respectively. The lenses have been designed to exhibit imperceptible breathing during racking focus.

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The zooms can be fitted with a 77mm detachable front filter, but also have a plug-in rear filter, useful for adding ND, UV, Streak or Mist filters. The lenses cover an image circle of 43.5mm, for use with most full-frame sensors.

The lenses are fitted with an E mount, but RF, L, Z, and X mounts are available, with EF and PL mounts coming next year, which can be changed via a quick-release interchangeable mount.

Prices are $3,099/€2,719 each (or $5,998/€5,258 together, including two additional lens mounts).

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