Cobalt Digital’s new Indigo 2110-DC-01 offers support for high density native 4K ST 2110 audio and video processing using openGear. Cobalt has also released its SafeLink Gateway as a virtual machine, and a higher density version of +MPx-Dante-64x64, the industry’s first license-based quad-channel 3G-SDI bridge to Ethernet-based Dante audio.

The Indigo 2110-DC-01 includes dual 25G Ethernet interfaces and supports uncompressed 4K on Cobalt’s 9904-UDX-4K card. Support for ST 2022-7 seamless redundancy switching should improve network reliability, while IS 04/IS-05 NMOS allows automatic discovery and configuration.

Cobalt Digital-1

Must dash: The DashBoard GUI controlling Cobalt’s new SafeLink software

Indigo offers advanced processing with IP inputs and outputs and eliminates the need for external gateways. When combined with the 9904-UDX-4K openGear card it can natively process HD, 3G and 4K IP streams without compromising quality. The 9904 platform handles up/down/cross conversion, audio routing, colour correction, 3D-LUT processing and supports Advanced HDR by Technicolor.

The SafeLink Gateway provides protection for live video and audio over unsecured networks for legacy devices. It was previously hardware only, but is now also available as software, including support for UDP, RTP, FEC and RIST Main Profile, with encryption and authentication. It can support up to eight streams, each of which can be sent to eight destinations.

Using Reliable Internet Streaming Transport (a low latency protocol), SafeLink serves as a secure pipeline that ensures video is transported safely even for live productions that experience network delay.

The new +MPx-Dante-64x64 supports embedding and de-embedding in four simultaneous SDI channels all the way to 3G-SDI with full audio routing capabilities between SDI, MADI and Dante, adding up to 128 channels to existing 9905 cards for very high-density without needing new hardware.

Stand Number: 10.B44

Company: Cobalt Digital