Audinate, developer of the Dante media networking technology, has announced full availability of the Dante Application Library software development kit (SDK). Previously available to a select few, the SDK for Windows and MacOS provides software developers with an easy-to-use way to connect to microphones, speakers, signal processors, amplifiers, loudspeakers and other audio devices using Dante, with up to 64x64 channels of bidirectional audio.

Nick Mariette, senior product manager, Audinate, said: “Dante is the native language of professional audio. The success of any audio software application hinges upon customers being able to easily connect to audio devices in the system they are using. More and more audio devices connect via Dante’s AV-over-IP. Dante Application Library brings Dante network functionality directly into applications, giving users access to an ecosystem of more than 3,000 Dante-enabled audio products from more than 500 manufacturers.”


The Dante Application Library will simplify audio software integration

Dante is claimed to have the largest installed base of audio devices in the AV space today. Data from RH Consulting indicates Dante is the protocol of choice in more than 91% of the networked audio products currently on the market. Dante Application Library provides a seamless and robust way for developers seeking to connect to this ever-expanding ecosystem.

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Developers can integrate Dante device discovery and subscriptions directly into their software products for conferencing, recording, lecture capture, media playback, or other applications. Dante Application Library can simplify setup of Unified Communications applications, allow for easy deployment of software-based digital signal processors and audio utilities, streamline use of lecture and courtroom capture software, automate connections to DAW applications for recording and processing, or make configuration of Media Player software bulletproof.

“Each application runs its own instance of Dante, allowing multiple applications to send and receive networked audio independently from one another,” said Mariette. “The possibilities for real-time audio processing and capture are endless thanks to Dante Application Library.”

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