Connectivity specialists DirectOut are celebrating a decade as a Ravenna partner with the launch of a limited edition of its EXBOX.RAV AoIP-to-MADI converter. Only 50 units of the anniversary edition will be made, distinctive by its striking Ravenna green livery.

EXBOX.RAV was launched in late 2020 based on DirectOut’s RAV2 board, also available as an OEM product and already adopted by other manufacturers.


The anniversary edition features Ravenna’s green livery

Four gigabit ports with an internal switch and PoE, plus three MADI ports in BNC, SC and SFP format offer bidirectional conversion and routing of up to 64 audio channels, with built-in SRC functions (FastSRC) and automatic redundancy switching (EARS). In addition to fully supporting Ravenna with a wide range of configuration options, it also supports NMOS for stream and device discovery and connection management.

“We’ve been a Ravenna partner since day one,” said DirectOut CEO/CTO Claudio Becker-Foss. “We were totally convinced by Ravenna’s open approach and its use of existing and publicly available standards. Our congratulations go to the fantastic team at ALC NetworX, the company behind Ravenna technology, who had a vision of next-generation broadcast technology and brought it to life. Even now, ten years later, Ravenna remains the cutting-edge solution of the market, both in terms of performance and reliability.”

Andreas Hildebrand, Ravenna evangelist at ALC NetworX, is equally pleased to mark the anniversary. “Ten years with Ravenna should definitely be celebrated!” he said. “Thanks to all at DirectOut for their unwavering commitment over the last decade which has resulted in a range of reliable, functional products that fully support Ravenna /AES67 and SMPTE 2110. Many, many companies have been able to make the transition to a stable AoIP workflow thanks to DirectOut and companies like them. Better still, we get an amazing Ravenna-green limited edition EXBOX.RAV to mark the occasion – what’s not to like!”

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