Aiming to eliminate the need for Excel and similar programmes, Stockholm-based Dramatify has unveiled Dramatify Budgeting, a cloud-based platform for production budgeting.

In an increasingly digitised entertainment industry, the company says Dramatify Budgeting is an attempt to simplify and enhance production budgeting and financial management. It has been designed to provide producers and executives with an integrated and intuitive platform that caters to various production genres, including film, television series, entertainment, non-fiction, sports and branded content.

Dramatify 1 eDaily 2023-07-10

Dramatify Budgeting is a cloud-based budgeting platform which promotes collaboration across multiple devices

With customisable templates from major networks and commissioners, key features include universal access across all devices, real-time collaboration on budgets, customisable templates, time-saving production data import and comprehensive tracking for transparency.

The software also includes what Dramatify calls ‘3D’ budgeting through tags, with auto-created tags of crew, cast and breakdown items. Together with user-generated tags, users can get an overview of spending by linking different accounts together. Tags are also the basis for tax rebates, credits and charges with functionality for comparison and application.

Dramatify Budgeting is available as a free trial at

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Company: Dramatify