Dream Chip is showing upgrades to its AtomOne miniature camera range, including integration with Broadcast Solutions’ meshLink IP-based wireless system.

The addition of meshLink means that the small AtomOne SSM500 HD 500fps camera is now being claimed to be “the most flexible, agile and adaptable miniaturised camera on the market”.

D1-Dream Chip

Fully integrated: The AtomOne SSM500 with the meshLink IP wireless system

The full-duplex wireless meshLink system offers a wide array of capabilities, including ultra-low latency UHD HEVC encoding, RCP, telemetry, intercom, return video and prompter. It also offers true adaptive encoding, total recall of all connectivity parameters and a recently developed prediction tool for coverage calculation based on 3D maps.

Its addition should mean the AtomOne SSM500 not only becomes more versatile, but also more reliable. Common SSM500 applications often see it deployed where there is heavy reliance on 5G, with many different broadcasters and devices competing for signal and bandwidth. The addition of meshLink improves the reliability of the connection made and, when combined with the unobtrusive, lightweight, discrete nature of the camera, allows the tiny device to be deployed in fully remote contexts - including shoulder- and bike-mounted applications.

Also on show are: the AtomOne mini zoom, weighing just 286g; and wide-ranging third-party integration for the cameras, whether for lenses (B-mount and C-mount), RCP (CyanView, JLC Cooper, Skaarhoj and Antelope, and others) or accessories (including ND filters, PTZ mounts and waterproof housings).

Stand Number: 10.C31

Company: Dream Chip Technologies