The new Cinema DFM (or drop-in filter mount) from Breakthrough Filters is a versatile PL filter mount that can fit a wide range of camera systems, including Sony E, Canon RF, Red DSMC2 VV, Fuji X, Leica L- Mount, Nikon Z and MFT, with Arri in development.

Users can drop in one of more than 30+ filters, including a selection of Neutral Density, polarised virtual ND, night sky and infrared. Cinema DFM has been designed with large-format sensors in mind.

Breakthrough Filters-1

A Cinema DFM virtual density filter fitted to a Red Komodo

Breakthrough Filters has also introduced what it claims is the first 1.5 to 11-stop X4 VND, with very well controlled colour neutrality without any X-pattern. The Cinema X4 VND incorporates a 0.8 MOD for motor control and optical density indicators. Also on offer is a 1-stop Drop-In Rota Pola, which is currently the fastest polariser.

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Graham Clark, founder of Breakthrough Filters, said: “Cinema DFM is a purpose-built camera mount and filter system for filmmakers, where we took a modular approach with industrial design and then combined that with tactical durability.

“Our design principle for the DFM was to be a universal filter system, so the drop-in filter could easily be interchangeable between different cameras, even different camera systems,” added Clark. “The result is an ultralight, behind-the-lens filter system machined from titanium and aluminium alloys.”

The rugged weather-sealed mount and TacLock locking system can handle extreme shooting environments.

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