Robotics systems should be smarter, and easier to set up and use, particularly on location. This is why Egripment has introduced DigiLite, which combines quick set up with easy cabling, simple UI and remote IP control.

The DigiLite systems can be operated using a single joystick (or pan bar) or connecting multiple remote heads together to be controlled by a multi joystick. Its new multi joystick controller allows a single operator to control eight digital remote heads, with eight presets, simultaneously. The operator can quickly and easily choose between different heads connected to the same controller.


The Lite stuff: Egripment’s DigiLite multi joystick controller

There are pairing buttons on the heads and joysticks enabling them to automatically find each other in the network, which greatly simplifies set up. For cabling and signal output, users can use the SIP trunk of the new broadcast cameras to hitchhike on fibre. The data signal from the remote head enters the SIP trunk of the camera and exits at the base station near the OB truck.

Egripment believes its new DigiLite-equipped remote products will be particularly suitable for sports and events production, rebuild studios and location productions.

Stand Number: 11.C08

Company: Egripment Support Systems