The latest version of real-time game engine Unreal Engine includes new features for creators across game development, film and television, architecture, automotive and more.

Released in August this year by Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4.27 includes major updates to the in-camera visual effects toolset for virtual production, enhancements to GPU Lightmass for faster light baking, integration of the Oodle Compression Suite, Bink Video codecs for free use in Unreal Engine, production-ready Pixel Streaming, production-ready OpenXR support and Datasmith upgrades.

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Unreal Engine 4.27 brings in new improvements to virtual production workflows

The in-camera VFX toolset is part of the suite of virtual production tools in Unreal Engine 4.27. Recently, Epic Games and filmmakers’ collective Bullitt assembled a team to test out the VFX toolset while it was still in preview.

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