The new Epsilon 4K base station camera control unit (CCU) from Videosys Broadcast is designed to simplify radio camera installation by being conceptually similar to the camera makers’ CCU systems. Epsilon uses familiar connection naming to ensure that multiple camera set-ups are matched quickly and effectively, with minimum input from operators and vision mixers.

It is primarily configured to operate with DTC’s range of transmitters, with optional dual head operation and it offers up to four channel Maximum Ratio Combining diversity.

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Epsilon 4K wireless CCU boasts easy set up and high picture quality

One early user is Studio Hamburg MCI, which bought Epsilon for its fast set up time and secure transmission. It “is a user-friendly wireless camera system. All it needs to do for a single-zone operation is plug in a SMPTE cable and it’s ready to go,” said Studio Hamburg MCI’s Nicolai Gajek. It also combines the components “of a video wireless system with telemetry control and fibre conversion in one device”.

He also likes that multi-zone operations are possible, depending on how the system is configured, and its dual pedestal option, “which doubles the data rate by doubling the RF bandwidth. This is especially important for high gloss productions where a very high picture quality without latency increase is necessary.”

The system can take two, dual-channel fibre receive slot in modules, with RF receiver and decoder options in HD – H264 or H265 up to 4K. Return camera control is uni- or bi-directional.

Stand Number: 11.B05

Company: Videosys Broadcast