Mediaset Italy has chosen Etere for its latest archive system. The mass-media company is the largest commercial broadcaster in Italy and a long-time customer of Etere.


Etere: The Etere solution encompasses ingest, archive and asset management

It needed an efficient system that is able to record and archive a copy of every programme that goes on-air, including live and partially live programmes.

Etere has provided Mediaset with an end-to-end software solution that encompasses ingest, archive and asset management. Etere is able to record every SDI signal, main and backup streams screened by the station. These recordings are subsequently used to rebuild the original transmission if necessary. Live recordings are in segments of 15 minutes duration each and the files will be available almost immediately after broadcast.

With the implementation, Mediaset is equipped with a copy of every programme and the smart automation capabilities within Etere enable recovery of the correct video even in the event of a transmission interruption. It uses PL/SQL to interact with web browsers through HTTP. Subsequently, a set of interlinked, dynamically generated HTML pages forms the user interface of a web application.

Furthermore, the operator is able to select all segments of a programme from the playlist to generate an Etere virtual asset. This virtual asset will contain every segment of the program relating to the recorded file and a list of live recorded files (segments) from the planned input.

Mediaset is also equipped with a centralised Etere Media Asset Management (MAM) system that orchestrates media files across all workflows. Highlights of the system include a centralised ingest and archive with real-time tracking, workflow automation and customisable workflow design.

Etere MAM supports multiple platforms including content search, retrieval, browsing and content editing on both the web interface and software application, while offering automated ingestion and quality checks of media files, configurable via workflow.