Relocated to the recently expanded and upgraded Hall 5, Content Everywhere at IBC2022 will showcase the latest technologies emerging at the intersection of broadcast and broadband video distribution from more than 160 exhibitors.

It will also host a full programme of panel sessions and talks curated to help visitors keep up to date with multi-platform delivery, OTT and the monetisation of content delivered online, as well as offering a dedicated networking area for exhibitors and visitors to extend those conversations off stand.

CE Overview

Content Everywhere: At IBC2022, in Hall 5

The Content Everywhere Stage at the heart of Hall 5 will host 14 panels and a whole range of demonstrations, with more than 70 exhibitors sharing their insights. Practical use cases of the cloud - and potential future applications – is one theme that recurs throughout the agenda. The use cases driving interest in lower-latency streaming and how cloud gaming and the metaverse are likely to accelerate the trend will also be examined.

As the cost of living crisis begins to impact discretionary spend and subscriber numbers, panels will consider alternative business models and monetisation options that are available to streaming video service providers. Panellists will discuss how to clamp down on credentials sharing, alternatives to SVOD as a business model and the importance to profitability of customer retention. The practicalities of delivering and administering services that are not as constrained by national borders as traditional terrestrial broadcasting will also be explored.

Drawing on lessons from the pandemic there will be a couple of sessions looking at the new opportunities for content creators or brands to serve relevant content to clearly defined audiences, and the practicalities of entering the market.

Panels will also explore ways to build audiences, whether through better discovery, personalisation and engagement or by improving on the viewing experience available from traditional linear broadcast. Sessions to look out for include Building Audiences Through Better Discovery, Personalisation and Engagement at 12:00 on Friday 9 September and New Ways to Expand and Engage Audiences at 12:30 on Saturday 10 September.

With cloud applications increasingly contributing across the value chain, a panel will explore how new production workflows are being used to enable teams to create more content more efficiently to deliver a wider variety of experiences to more diverse viewing devices in order to increase engagement and ROI. New Production Trends Delivering Content Everywhere at 16:30 on Thursday 11 September features Vinayak Shrivastav, Founder & CEO, Magnifi; Caspar Choffat, SVP Global Product, NEP Group; and Valentijn Siebrands, Solutions Architect, M2A Media.

After a northern-hemisphere summer scarred by destructive heatwaves, the media and entertainment sector’s responsibility towards environmental sustainability will be discussed in a panel on Friday afternoon. Andreas Waltenspiel of Waltenspiel Management Consulting will chair the session that also features Bleuenn LeGoffic, VP Strategy and Business Development, Accedo; Marc Baillavoine, CEO, Quortex; and Jon Anderson, CDN Product Manager, Velocix.

The programme concludes on Monday with a look at how managed services are adding value in content distribution. Scott Henderson, Access Services Manager, VITAC/Take 1; Bill McLaughlin, Chief Product Officer, AI Media; and Tom Wootton, Head of Product - Broadcast and Access, Red Bee Media, will explore how using artificial intelligence to generate additional valuable metadata creates new opportunities to enhance content search and repurposing.

Technology demos

The Content Everywhere Stage will also host 24 demonstrations. In response to overwhelming demand, another five will take place on the Innovation Stage in nearby Hall 2. These demos will provide a flavour of the new technologies and solutions being exhibited for the first time on the IBC show floor.

The ever-expanding role of the cloud will be illustrated by a diverse collection of applications. LTN will demonstrate how to connect public cloud and on-premise networks seamlessly to leverage the internet for real-time broadcast-quality video delivery. Mistserver’s automatically clustered media servers approach offers an alternative way to optimise the use of on-prem and cloud servers together, while Touchstream will present best practice for building a robust CDN. In addition, System73 will demonstrate its edge-based live streaming, and LiveAPI will show visitors how to use APIs to build their own YouTube.

Innovative distribution technologies will include the Lumen Mesh Delivery peer-to-peer distribution, while Telia will present a case study of how it delivers automated VOD transcoding at scale for a telco video service provider. will highlight the importance of low latency to delivering quality interactive experiences. MPEG-5 LCEVC will highlight its potential environmental and sustainability benefits, while on the Innovation Stage, V-Nova will demonstrate live streaming of 2016p60 content using MPEG-5 LCEVC.

Spideo and Contentwise will demonstrate how data analytics contributes to business intelligence and can drive positive business impacts. The vital role of optimal media rights management will be explained by Fincons, and EZDRM and PallyCon, from Inka, will present end-to-end content security solutions designed for the OTT world.

Several exhibitors will present solutions and tools for use in production. TinkerList’s content planning, script/rundown and automation application is the foundation for TickerNews, a one-man band online news channel in Australia. Grabyo will build a live digital show in the cloud.

Artificial intelligence is a feature of several solutions. Mediatree’s media monitoring platform can automatically detect text in footage; Trint offers a live transcription and content creation platform; Mobius Labs has an AI-powered video analysis suite; and AI Hunters (on the Innovation Stage) augments human skills by the robotisation and exploitation of AI-driven video analysis.

At the consumer device end of the value chain, Bitmovin will highlight the importance of playback to retaining subscribers, while Igalia will introduce Wolvic, a new browser being developed as a successor to Firefox Reality for XR. Radix will explain the features and benefits of Android TV for telcos; VIDAA will present the VIDAA TV operating system, while SEI Robotics will show its HOMA smart TV solution that integrates DVB, OTT and IoT. On the Innovation Stage, Norigin Media will explain how to build and maintain TV apps for the fragmented connected TV environment.

Also on the Innovation Stage, Equativ will present a dynamic ad insertion solution that will be implemented for FIFA World Cup 2022 coverage in Belgium, while Testbirds will demonstrate its crowd-testing approach for quality assurance, usability and user experience testing.

The Content Everywhere Stage programme runs across all four days of IBC2022. The full programme can be found here.