Flussonic will be demonstrating its server side ad insertion (SSAI) technology, able to place ads by partial substitution of segments within the broadcast session.

The company will show how within a single segment, groups of pictures (GOPs) from the stream can be replaced just in time with the GOPs from the commercial. Therefore, a segment can contain multiple broadcast GOPs and multiple GOPs with advertisements.


Flussonic shows how embedding ads can improve the monetisation model

The URL of the segment with the ad will remain the same for all viewers of the stream. At the same time, it is possible to show different ads to different viewers from the same URL.

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Available for HLS and DASH, the system allows a content provider to make unique ads targeted for each user or session without transcoding.

Flussonic claims this new way of embedding ads is the first step towards improving the entire monetisation module through advertising. In the near future, it plans to implement the SCTE ad insertion markers, as well as build a system for preparing commercials for the insertion.

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