The Kombine licensed option from Grass Valley introduces a new architecture for Kula IP switchers.

It connects multiple switcher frames in a mesh topology, expanding the system capacity as needed with the amount of I/O corresponding to the number of connected frames and up to 16 UHD M/Es. Because GV Kombine is a software option, the underlying hardware can be connected in a modular fashion using an IP network to provide the capacity required for a specific event. The system setup is easily reconfigured as the Kombine software scans all the available IP sources using the built-in NMOS IP technology. Each source can be added as a crosspoint to the Kombine system.


Kombine offers multiple switcher frames in a mesh topology

Chris Merrill, Director of Product Marketing, Grass Valley, said: “Paired with the Maverik control surface and Maverik Soft Panel, Kombine provides tactile control of all the Kula IP frames as a single entity. Switching a show with multiple frames feels the same as switching a single frame. Any source selection on any bus is transparent to the operator, so operators can concentrate on creating their best show without having to worry about processing limitations.”

Stand Number: 9.A01

Company: Grass Valley