New from IBC is the transformative seven-part IBC Media Changemakers podcast series, hosted by journalist and broadcaster Nadira Tudor and welcoming guests from across the media and entertainment sector.

Covering the big topics, from tackling climate anxiety and embedding DEI policies, to nurturing relationships and inspiring change, the series will give a voice to some of the industry’s most tenacious, resilient and passionate figures.


IBC Changemakers Podcast, with Nadira Tudor as the host

The first full episode is released on Friday (11 August), but you can get a sneak peek of what’s to come with ‘Behind the Scenes with the Change Navigators’, which offers a whistle-stop tour of the global guests and diverse subjects set to be covered. This is available now.

In the first full episode, Tudor will talk to former BBC Editorial Director and now Co-founder of social media news platform The News Movement, Kamal Ahmed, about his zeal for zoomers and changing the rules of engagement. In this interview Ahmed will share his journey to setting a new agenda for youth audiences and the importance of listening.

Episodes will then be released each Friday, up to and including 22 September.

In episode 2, ‘Being Anything but ‘All Quiet’: The importance grit and gratitude’, Lesley Paterson, five times world champion triathlete, four times Oscar winner and seven times Bafta Award winner, talks about how a triathlon win helped fund Oscar-winning movie All Quiet on the Western Front and opens up about the importance of gratitude, coaching, grit and determination in wanting to change the world.

A trio of actors then tackle the topic of the climate emergency. Fehinti Balogun, Danusia Samal and Will Attenborough discuss the positive and pragmatic actions they are taking to reshape the world - including a new green rider and a pan-industry Green New Deal.

In an incredible and personal episode entitled ‘Amongst the Sound of Sirens, Creating Joy on TikTok’, Victoria Murovana, Head of Digital at UA: PBC SUSPILNE, talks to Tudor from a makeshift studio in Ukraine, on high alert for air raid sirens.

Hear Murovana as she explains how her team used content created on TikTok to share moments of humanity with millions across the globe, and how she dreams of one day hearing folk songs not bomb sirens as she shares her unique and brave story of resilience in a world of uncertainty.

Johan Wahlberg, Head of Digital Partnerships, SVT, is the star of episode 5 – ‘Collaboration and the Power of a Cup of Coffee’. He’ll talk about how he brokered some powerful tech collaborations with Apple, Samsung, Google and Amazon among many more well-known companies – fuelled mostly by caffeine.

In the penultimate episode in the series, Tudor speaks to multi-award-winning diversity and inclusion expert and Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer at Warner Brothers Discovery, Asif Sadiq.

With experience of heading up DEI for some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as Warner Bros, CNN, Cartoon Network and HBO Max to name a few, Sadiq talks about his commitment to creating a strong sense of belonging within a large corporate organisation and how he goes about inspiring change and creating policies which make an impact.

The final episode is an exclusive interview with Lisa Kelly, Head of Content Innovation & Development, Children in Need, BBC. In ‘Gaming for Good and the Big Yellow Bear’, Kelly shares how Pudsey Bear will be stepping into a sim-rig to drive supercars, and dancing his way through this year’s appeal to highlight how gaming for good can celebrate neurodiversity and bridge isolation and loneliness.

The podcast is available on all major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Deezer and Podcast Index. Subscribe via the IBC Changemakers Podcast landing page.