The Solidcom C1 is Hollyland’s first fully wireless, self-contained full-duplex headset intercom, with a range of up to 350m (line of sight).

The DECT intercom system uses the 1880-1900MHz band and doesn’t require any additional beltpack to work. It promises to be easy to use, with automatic pairing, while users can mute their microphone by simply flicking the boom up, away from their mouth.


Hollyland’s Solidcom C1 wireless, self-contained full-duplex headset intercom

Multiple packages are available, for two to six users without a hub, or up to nine users with a hub. It can also be cascaded with other intercoms (via the hub) for more complex set ups. Adding the hub also allows users to switch between two groups.

The lightweight (168g) headsets have a dual-antenna design, acoustic echo cancellation technology and use DECT 6.0 encryption. Each headset comes with a choice of on-ear foam or over-ear cushion fittings and comes with a spare rechargeable lithium battery (each of which can last up to 10 hours) and a battery charger.

Stand Number: 12.C31

Company: Shenzhen Hollyland Technology