The new AdderLink Infinity 2102 (ALIF2102) offers a host of new features, including a smaller form factor transmitter and DisplayPort connections. It is available as a transmitter and receiver, and the new form factor transmitter helps maximise limited rack space.

John Halksworth, senior product manager, Adder, said: “The ALIF2000 series has been a trusted and proven IP KVM [keyboard video mouse] solution for our customers for many years. It’s at the heart of thousands of KVM systems around the world. Our customers expect connectivity choice and migration options that reflect the ever-changing landscape of their networks and workflows, and the ALIF2102 solution does just that. Not only that but the new ALIF2102 is compatible with the existing ALIF2000 series products, which means customers can migrate at their own pace.”

Adder Technology-1

The new AdderLink Infinity 2102 transmitter (top) and receiver

The latest updates to the ALIF2000 series provide increased control, flexibility and choice for customers when it comes to connectivity, with the current DVI version being joined by DisplayPort connections.

Support for video resolutions up to 2560x1600 allows users to visualise their data with pixel-accurate image quality, while multiple audio configurations provide greater implementation options.

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The redesigned ALIF2102 transmitter significantly reduces rack-space use. The new, compact form factor means that three ALIF2102 transmitters fit into 1U of rack space. It also saves energy, using up to 50% less power than its predecessor.

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