Localised advertisements with networked distribution in the cloud environment are now possible with Jutel RadioMan 6. Playout in RadioMan is carried out using Media Nodes that are placed either in the cloud or in local virtual/physical instances. This allows localised advertisements and local programmes within the same infrastructure.

The Media Nodes support external feeds to take the master feed from the central channel, and once the central station starts a spot break, it messages the local Media Nodes to run the local material. The whole workflow is controlled simply with one main On-Air user screen. The RadioMan 6 architecture allows the browser-based studio On-Air U/I to be located anywhere.


RadioMan now with cloud-based deployment

The product supports common traffic interfaces and has a separate script-based transcoding interface for other third-party traffic systems’ schedules. 

Also new is a fast cloud-based Radio Station deployment option. A RadioMan radio station service can be deployed now “almost within a telephone call”, claims the company. 

Olli-Pekka Lukkarinen, CEO, Jutel said: “The RadioMan localised ad playout and the possibility to contribute separate local programming from anywhere makes it possible to create a cloud-supported commercial radio network with a simple and unified architecture. This helps a lot in the initial deployment, scaling up, maintenance and future business transformations.”

Stand Number: 8.F79

Company: Jutel