With the ability to wirelessly monitor and mix AoIP sources from a Dante or Ravenna network, Nixer’s WL64 and Remote iPad app aim to provide an intuitive and simple user interface for production staff working on reality TV shows.

The WL64 is a 1U base unit which can wirelessly connect to four iPad tablets, allowing each operator to select and listen to sources independently. Audio is wirelessly streamed to each iPad for local monitoring, which Nixer claims frees the director or producer from a dedicated hardware front panel display and equipment rack.

Nixer 1 eDaily 2023-06-16

The WL64 can wirelessly connect to four iPads

Users can add pictures and names to each audio channel for easy identification of performers and sources, useful in a format where contestants change frequently or are eliminated from the show.

The accompanying Nixer Remote app provides additional features such as an independent mix mode enabling users to generate a mix from all available sources and includes a separate mix mode screen using faders in a more traditional layout. Operators can add these mixes back onto the IP network.